Artists Reception:  

Saturday, March 11, 4pm until 8pm
with hors d’oeuvres and wine

Skies brighten, birds sing, flowers bloom a little earlier this year. Linda’s watercolor, ” Burst of Spring” provides a reflection of bright sunny days and can bring warmth to your home. 

Rains throughout the winter and into this early spring have ponds full, creeks flowing again and what was once only the promise of a trickle down the bank, now water flowing “In a Rush”. A sketch made during a drier time was the spring board for imagining how the Guadalupe can be running a full capacity! 

And with Spring, we all know, come Bugs! Why not trade those creepy crawly ones for a Travel Bug? Linda’s travels to Italy have filled her sketchbooks with dozens of plein air sketches. On the sidewalk just down the main road from Piazza Fontana, Linda sat under a small tree to sketch “Narni Hillside”. Being a gardener, she loved seeing the small vegetable gardens in an Italian style. 

​Bring Spring into your home with one of these watercolors and visit with Linda as you explore her collection of originals and giclee prints. Her notecards are popular as gifts or for old fashion snail mail.

Linda is also working on new works that will be revealed at the 2017 Parade of Artists April 8-10 at the Carriage House Gallery. Intriguing titles like, “Hats and Blankets”​ (hats for our already too hot spring days and blankets for when we suddenly revert to the cold of winter?) and “Verdant” (heraldic, rich greens, are we in Ireland?) are waiting in the wings!


Linda Chalberg