Nancy Yarbrough





I work in two media, watercolor and fused glass.



As a painter, the beauty God has placed around us everyday inspires me.  Colors, textures, lights and shadows are what motivate me to paint often more than the subject itself.  Capturing the way the light hits a subject and creates an amazing reflection, shadow or texture is my goal as an artist.

Watercolor allows me to use the white of the paper to play a key roll in the bounce of light.  The paint can actually appear to glow on the white paper. Watercolor has been my chosen painting medium since 1999.  I had painted in oils and acrylics but after taking my first watercolor class, I knew it was now my favorite medium.

Most of my paintings begin with a photo I have taken which captures the light, reflection or shadow that has attracted me to the subject.  I begin with a detailed full size drawing on paper that allows me to erase and alter my composition; next I transfer the drawing to watercolor paper. The color palette is chosen and now the magic begins when the paints mix and mingle on the paper to make such beautiful colors and textures.


Attraction to the unique and appealing art form of glass has is origin more than 30 years ago in stained glass.  I am fascinated by the manner in which the glass plays with light.  When introduced to fused glass, a new passion for yet another medium emerged.  Enthralled with the unlimited potential and challenge in working with glass, I enjoy creating both functional and visual pieces.  Currently, I am focusing on painting with glass taking inspiration from the beautiful landscapes that surround us as well as my watercolor paintings.