Doug Roper





Doug Roper resides in San Antonio but spent much of his childhood inEurope,South America, and various parts of theUnited States. He has had a lifelong exposure to fine art and developed a keen interest in history.

Encouraged by the noted sculptress, Waldine Tauch, Doug’s formal training began as he attended theWarrenHunterSchoolof Art. His first fifteen years as a professional artist were spent doing commercial art, architectural renderings, murals & watercolor paintings. He now spends the majority of his time creating commissioned sculptures and limited edition bronzes. Works have been completed for TCU Ft. Worth TX., Morgan’s Wonderland San Antonio TX., The War Dog Memorial Long Island New York, St. Mary’s University San Antonio TX., The Air Force Academy Colorado Springs CO., Sandhill Shores Beach-front Development Galveston TX., Kelly Air Force Base San Antonio TX., Cibilo Wilderness Foundation Boerne TX., private collections, and churches. He was one of seven artists whose work was selected as part of the cultural exchange withKyoto,Japan. He is currently working on a War Memorial monument honoring the dogs that have served this nation since the Revolutionary War. This piece will be installed in theSuffolkCountyVeteransParkonLong Island,New York.

Doug’s completed images attain historical and anatomical accuracy that successfully transmit his passion for natural beauty and his belief that art has the power to help the viewer envision and experience the spirit of a person, place and time. Many of his pieces of art focus on southwestern subjects. Doug believes that the Southwest is more a state of mind and spirit than a historical time and place. Through paintings and bronzes, he seeks to remind modern man that at the heart of the Southwest is a sense of freedom, absolute self-determination, total individuality and pervasive spirituality. Doug has exhibited in numerous galleries and art shows, and received a variety of awards, which recognize the quality, and authenticity of his work.

Doug believes he has a responsibility to develop and refine his God-given talent and he signs his works with an Ichthus as a personal statement of faith.

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