Bonnie Mann


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 How much can one learn about an artist by looking at her work?  A review of painter Bonnie Mann’s latest pieces reveals a great deal about this soft-spoken artist’s life and passions.


Each still life conveys the intense beauty the artist sees in the world around her.  Her paintings invite the viewer on a journey to explore a world of color, form and light.

Bonnie Mann’s personal journey as an artist began in her childhood.  Born in the 40’s in Texas Bonnie always had a leaning toward drawing and creating with color.

“My childhood was spent with four siblings in a wonderful home full of love and laughter.  I always had access to water color paints and crayons and paper, even if it was the side of a cardboard box.  My favorite subjects in school were art and music.  But art was where I found my true joy.”

In the mid nineties, with the encouragement of friends and family Bonnie decided to take up art full time.  As Bonnie began to devote more and more of her time to painting she entered art shows and approached galleries.  She was soon gaining recognition and was juried into three galleries.

When asked her greatest motivation, she smiles and her eyes light up as she replies, “Art is my therapy of choice.  I seek it daily.  It fills my heart and soul.”


Bonnie Mann

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